Professional Town Hall Meeting Services

A business Town Hall Meeting is modeled after the meeting style popularized by political candidates and local government. A key aspect of a Town Hall Meeting that differentiates it from other meetings is lively audience participation often with a speaker circulating among audience members. Internet streaming includes all remote meeting attendees and adds Internet-generated comments and questions into a Q&A session.

The effectiveness of a Town Hall Meeting hinges on the seamless integration of all the network, audio, video, and lighting elements supporting the event. TKO's expert technical management, advance testing, and presenter walkthroughs combine for a successful Town Hall Meeting outcome. Our customers are delighted to focus on their business objective of the meeting rather than the technology making the event happen behind the scenes.

TKO Hosts Town Hall Meetings for -

  • Discussions of company directives
  • Product Launches and Positioning
  • Sales Meetings
  • Strategic corporate communications
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