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What is an All-Hands Meeting?

An All-Hands Meeting is generally an organization wide business meeting in which an executive report is made to employees and stake holders. All-Hands meetings are often held on a regular basis as a means of keeping a large group of people up to date on important events and milestones.

All-Hands Meetings can be held in conference rooms, corporate cafeterias, hotel ballrooms and across many time zones and continents. An effective All-Hands Meeting usually begins with an important message and includes some form of question and answer capability. The term "Town Hall" meeting is often used interchangeably with All-Hands meeting however a Town Hall meeting is more question and answer based while All-Hands meetings are generally more focused on conveying a message and making a key presentation.

Advantages of an All-Hands Meeting

All Hands means all employees or stake holders and as such a meeting that is intended to include all of these parties has at its core the ability to convey one message to all parties simultaneously. This is a key advantage of an All Hands meeting.

Parties that are far away from a primary presentation location can be connected to the All Hands session through the use of video conferencing, live internet based streaming and audio teleconferencing. All of these mediums can converge to enable the All Hands Meeting to connect to many participants simultaneously.

Disadvantages of an All-Hands Meeting

All Hands Meetings can be complex to organize. A common initial problem is locating a facility in which to hold the All Hands Meeting. Beyond the primary or "home" facility at which presentations are made, coordinating remote sites and the method of conveying a message from the home facility to these sites can be complex.

Event planners and specialists in video and audio communications can assist in overcoming some of the challenges of running an All Hands Meeting. TKO Video Communications specializes in this area and can help overcome the challenges of organizing and conducting your All Hands Meeting.

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