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What are Bridging Services?

Bridging services link multiple remote parties together using audio and video communicating equipment in such a way that a conference session is created which can allow all parties to see and hear one another simultaneously.

Advantages of Bridging Services

Bridging services are provided by organizations that specialize in connecting parties using telephones and video conferencing equipment. Bridging services can provide excellent video and audio quality as well as engineering support for a business meeting.

If the need to connect multiple parties together on a video or audio conference is infrequent, then bridging service providers can provide an economical alternative.

Disadvantages of Bridging Services

Bridging services must be coordinated with a service provider. Some providers require "certification" of customer equipment before they will support a bridged conference call. Additionally, many features and capabilities of the bridging equipment are not known to end-users and so sometimes important benefits that should be realized in conference calls are not considered when arranging a multi-party conference session.

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