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What is JITC Certification?

The United States military has developed a testing standard for technology products that are used by multiple branches of the U.S. armed services. The organization responsible for this testing is the Joint Interoperability Test Command or JITC.

The mission of this command is to provide a broad set of standardized tests and evaluations that support certification of technology systems for use in important government applications.

Users of technology generally are unaware of the security vulnerabilities that a product may create either by its inherent design or in the manner in which it is used. JITC addresses this through a set of highly focus tests that, if passed, result in an approval certification. This is known as a "JITC Certification" and it includes security and interoperability assurance that enable broad use in military applications.

How does JITC Certification relate to video conferencing?

Generally products that require JITC certification are used in applications that may have special networking, isolation and/or fault tolerance requirements. This is especially the case where products are used for video communications.

By their nature video communications devices have a high requirement to interoperate. Additionally, they may have a need to operate on multiple networks or toggle between secure and non-secure networks. JITC evaluation and certification of networking capabilities and related security vulnerabilities is intended to address these issues.

Who supplies JITC equipment and services?

Many manufacturers that sell products in large quantities to U.S. government agencies make the investment in time and tooling to ensure their products attain JITC certification.

Labor services for installation, testing, operation and maintenance for JITC equipment should be provided by suppliers that have experience in complex and secure government installations. This is an area of special focus by some service providers in special fields such as video conferencing.

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