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What is a Multisite Meeting?

Multi-Site meetings have been used in business and government for many years to communicate between more than one region or location at the same time.

Some organizations use Multi-Site meetings as a way of creating a "Town Hall" meeting forum with question and answer sessions between many regions and a host location. This provides participants not in attendance at a host location the ability to interact with the hosts of the event. Additionally, the speakers have the opportunity to hear (and with some technologies such as through video conferencing, to see) participants as they offer their questions.

Key considerations in arranging a Multisite Meeting

Venue selection and technology selection are the two most critical considerations when arranging a multisite meeting.

For events in which a special impact is desired such as at a product launch or an announcement of a corporate merger, a venue can contribute to the impact of the message. An historic theater, hotel ballroom or a convention center all may make the event location a high impact location for invited guests.

Remote guests and attendees can include members of the press, extended employees and even remote presenters. Special considerations for these meeting attendees include proper selection of their venue and the additional consideration of the meeting technology that will serve to deliver the message to them. Meeting technologies are many, however, the most common are:

A. Satellite Broadcast (also called business television)
B. Interactive Video Conference (also called a multisite video conference)
C. Teleconference (also called audio conference)
D. Webcast (also called Live Streaming)

How far in advance should I arrange a Multisite Meeting?

Multisite meetings can be planned as far in advance as two years where venue selection is critical. However, a general rule that is easy to follow is to allow 10 days planning per site. So, a five-location meeting would require just less than two month's planning time (50 days).

Common mistakes in arranging a Multisite Meeting

Mistake Number One: Improper venue selection
Mistake Number Two: Poor planning for remote participants
Mistake Number Three: Overusing a technology such as Web Conferencing
Mistake Number Four: Failure to arrange a rehearsal at all locations
Mistake Number Five: Failure to properly plan interactivity between locations

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