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What is a Service Plan?

A service plan that supports video conferencing equipment is a form of operational assurance that enables users to maintain a well running video conferencing system or network. It typically provides replacement or repair of systems that fail and some level of technical support.

A service plan goes beyond a warranty and usually includes the ability to test with a help desk in the event a video conferencing system does not operate as expected. In this way, a service plan assures that a technical support team is available to assist with problems or issues that arise with the use of video conferencing equipment.

What is the advantage of a Service Plan?

A service plan supported by a reputable long time supplier offers repair, replacement and technical support for systems that can be too complicated for users to install, manage and maintain themselves. Generally, the cost for a service plan is a low percentage of the original purchase price or list price of the equipment covered.

What is the disadvantage of a Service Plan?

A service is a pre-paid service, usually for a period of not less than one year. Therefore, in order to assure service on products, users must pre-pay at the beginning of a service period for their service plan.

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