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What is Skype?

Skype is a video and audio software application and service that enables communication between computer users over an Internet connection. Phone calls and video calls are possible and in some configurations these can be made without cost to the users.

Skype was an independent company when it was purchased by eBay; and in , eBay sold the company and its service capability to Microsoft.

What is the advantage of Skype?

Software and network, or cloud based communications are gaining popularity and users around the world on both PC and Mac platforms can communicate with one another using services such as Skype provides at low or no cost. Microsoft now owns Skype and so enhancements to the function and utility of the application can be expected.

What is the disadvantage of Skype?

Communications applications, whether audio or video, that run on personal computers, phones or tablets are inherently less reliable than similar applications running on appliances with a single purpose operating system. Skype communications can be used in business applications but the sophistication of a user, their ability to assure a quality network connection and multiple applications that contend for processor resources all negatively affect the likelihood of a successful audio or video connection.

Interoperability between Skype and Polycom or Cisco/Tandberg

Currently, Skype has millions of registered users however, their ability to connect and communicate with traditional conference room based video conferencing systems manufactured by Polycom and Cisco/Tandberg is at most limited and generally not available.

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