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Effectively interact with your audience

TKO's Collaboration Network services enable you to extend your reach with your next Town Hall Political Meeting. Both political candidates and elected leaders can include constituents and voters who both watch and participate in the Town Hall Political Meeting.

  • Customizable to include chat functions for Q&A sessions, surveys, and polling
  • Audience members can be distributed over a wide geographic area
  • Meeting content can be archived as an on-demand event

TKO decodes the technology while you focus on the message

TKO tech experts deliver unparalleled network expertise and services to worldwide business, government, and military customers. We specialize in the seamless delivery of broadcast-quality video services to any device in any location.

  • Advance planning and network testing
  • Onsite technical support
  • Connectivity across multiple networks and behind firewalls
  • Managed video-on-demand services for easy content retrieval
  • Over 17 years industry experience

Premier Town Hall Political Meeting help is available today

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