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What is a Video Special Event?

These meetings are usually high profile, special events that include a wide variety of formats including CEO Presentations, Town Hall Meetings, Product Launches, Sales Meetings, Corporate and Investor Day Meetings, Earnings Calls and Annual Meetings, Global Award and Recognition Events, and Legal and Technical Continuing Education Forums.

These events are highly customized and can include multipoint worldwide video conferencing, live Internet streaming and collaboration, and the inclusion of telephone participants.

Advantages of a Video Special Event

Gathering all meeting attendees virtually into one event is an effective communications tool. This is a cost effective way to remove the barriers of travel and scheduling coordination to allow events to happen more frequently.

Disdvantages of a Video Special Event

The complexity of and details involved in a high-profile event are many. All details such as networking, lighting, and AV systems must be planned and tested in advance to ensure success. 'Complex multi-point video special events can experience technical failure when not handled by a team of technical integration experts.

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