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What is a WebEx Video Business Meeting?

Increasingly, Video Business Meetings utilize WebEx to include remote meeting attendees. This Internet-based collaboration tool provides live Internet streaming of meeting content to global audiences. WebEx facilitates interactive Q&A sessions that include comments from remotely-based attendees into a general discussion.

Advantages of a WebEx Video Business Meeting

Gathering a global audience to hear a simultaneous business message requires tremendous planning, coordination, and immense travel costs. The use of WebEx Video Business Meetings allows corporations to hold more frequent meetings as part of an overall business communications strategy.

Disadvantages of a WebEx Video Business Meeting

An expert technical team must be on-site at the primary meeting location to ensure that the speakers are not burdened by any technical concerns about connecting to and interacting with WebEx meeting attendees. Without advance testing and presenter walkthroughs, the business objective of the meeting can be overwhelmed by concerns about the technology and possible glitches. Meeting presenters must be coached in advance on the management of presentation slides and a methodology to include WebEx-generated questions into the Q&A session. Lack of expertise on the technical side can easily result in a technical failure.

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